Sunday, November 1, 2015

do not go gentle into that good night...

november'd be sitting on easy street if you'd invested in nike, neutrogena and advil...the marathon, halloween make-up removal and the headache you've had since the mets started their final leg of the world series ain't easy being a mets in the shadow of the presumptive champs across the bridge...waiting during painful years when october meant crying over the giants or jets...or just raking leaves and counting days till february's spring training...i am watching this young team and thinking back to 1969 and classmates being sent to the principal's office for sneaking transistor radios into 1986 when the "R" went to queensboro plaza...and the doors would open...and we would scream to riders waiting on the platform..."what's the score?" the 2000 subway series...when the whole world was new york...before all our innocence was shattered in 2001...and now 2015...two teams so hungry...and we arm ourselves with poetic clich├ęs and deep rooted chants...i think back to a lee mazzilli poster in the 70's...the joke that if i'd met ron darling in the 80's...i might be sherri darling now...or the piazza jersey i wore faithfully at the games in the '90s and early 2000's...and now...this baby pitching staff...some younger than lauren...with the enormous weight of years of mounting hope on their shoulders...and i am hoping too...i am hoping for safe and spiritually filling runs for all those marathoners as they cross that verrazano bridge (and they will cross that bridge faster than any poor car come tomorrow morning)...i am hoping that parents of younger children are not od'ing on all the candy you stole while such children went to sleep last night...and mostly i am hoping that our 2015 mets find some extra gas in the tank tonight and continue on to kansas city this week...but remind fans that no matter what the ending to this fairy tale season...that we embrace our team...keep our jerseys poised and ready...we're mets gotta believe..

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