Friday, July 6, 2012

The Write Stuff

an interesting conversation sprouted at my last writers' group meeting...we were discussing a piece someone wrote...a very pungent essay that talked about the virtues of princesses versus queens...first in fairy tales via disney...and in know the drill...princesses admired for their beauty, and subservience...queens portrayed as horrible bitches mostly for any hint at assertiveness or power...and we talked about the old catch-22...what happens in society when princesses grow up...then, being a writers' group, we moved on to talk about women writers...and the way women conceal identity to reach a bigger audience (j.k. rowling, anyone?)...and i started to get depressed...and i get more depressed since i know a lot of women out there will tell me to look at e.l. james and the incredible success of "fifty shades of grey"..(please note the e.l.)...and then i have to watch local news shows cashing in on the pseudo-erotica cash cow that is "fifty shades"...segments featuring women's book clubs gushing over the trilogy...because it's never been done, you which i say...erica jong anyone?.."fear of flying" was clever erotica for an evolving, savvy group of women...encouraging women to go for what they know...queens...not giggling princesses...

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