Sunday, July 29, 2012

show me yours, i'll show you mine

somewhere in a parallel universe, social media, particularly facebook, is a happy place where we reconnect with those we knew well, distant get it...but in the real social media world everyone is a political expert, poised and ready for their fifteen minutes...and it evolves, or disintegrates (you choose) from there....i try to be tolerant, even read along...but it is hard...sometimes i shake my head and  admit that i learned all i needed to know about politics when i ran for student goverment in high school...i lost, but found out after that all the winners were alphabetically first on the ballot....i was an "L"...i never really needed to put up a poster...third on the ballot, third in results...if you think we as a nation are more evolved...well, it is a fact that weather is a large determining factor in turnout and votes...sad to think that my four grandparents left the anti-semitic cesspool that was eastern europe in the early 20th century for rights that we leave to the rain...i'll tell you can put your opinions on facebook, or twitter, or long as you realize they are just that...your opinions...and they may be so polar opposite mine that your skin crawls...just don't leave enough space for me to read between the lines and see intolerance, and hatred...then i just will have to hit delete...and if you really love the american dream...then walk the november, and every someone get to the poll and take part in the dream...just don't pull the lever for them...

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