Friday, May 11, 2012

in the beginning

if the poet in me speaks to the serious side of life, then the blogger in me speaks to the rest...all the rest...all the "wtf" moments...the ones that you have to write down otherwise who would believe you? the guy who tried to buy an open bag of oreos at my moving sale two weeks ago...or the people who bought the couch and loveseat who proceeded to arrive 17 hours late to pick them up...picture this: two women, one nine months pregnant, and a man with a wrist wrapped in post-surgical tape...the three of them looking at me as if I would morph into the Seven Santini Brothers...collapsing in bed the night after the sale only to find someone sold our alarm clock...and emergency flashlight kept at the side of the bed...I guess they needed it to find the oreos....

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  1. glad you're writing!! that's what I say sherri darling.